Drop The World.

It took a minute for this song to grow on me.When one of my co-workers first played it for me, I gave him side eye and walked away ...well walked faster cause he was giving me a ride but anyways.I had to listen to it like a million times before I felt like this song was something special.This is like some "youth in revolt" theme music! Why haven't there been any riots yet young ones? I wanna smash some shit up and scare law abiding citizens! lol But this song is ...amazing! Wayne (can't believe I'ma say this) actually murder this shit. He went off and Em, did you really expect anything less? The beat is crazy but for like one of the first times, I liked the lyrics over the beat 0_0. I know me? Es? crazy shit huh?! This song is Hip Hop at it's best and on the verge of being a classic.I wouldn't be surprised if my children knew about this song and knew word by word when they're my age.I'm still puzzled on why it took me so long to even like this song let alone think it's dope! Smh.Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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