Last night was, to me at least, historical. I had the honor of introducing the one and only Phlo Finister the artists to the world.I posted her song, Faith, on my tumblr and when I say people went crazy-they went crazy! I've heard nothing but good, positive things about the track! I've been waiting sooooo long for Phlo to show yall what's she's all about. I felt like a baby was being born last night! I wanted to cry tears of joy! This is only the beginning for her.She has a very long and bright future in this industry and her music is gonna touch people like they've never been touched before.It's already happening. No one sounds like her, no one got the swag that she does.She on something new and I know yall will fuck with it.So make this dopegirl happy and click the link and check out the track. No download link yet, but more dopeness from my Phloness is on the way! Better hop on the Phlo train before it goes choo choo bye bye! lol

We did it girl!

photo by Niko

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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