Feel Good.

So, earlier this week there was a trailer out for Chip's new video, Feel Good, and I did not post it on purpose.I don't believe in 4 to 5 min music videos having 30 second trailers. Sorry. lol BUT I loveeeeeeeee Chip and this video is all about Chip and I'm loving this video! I'm so happy more and more people are catching on to his dopeness! Chip is ill you guys, like on some real shit, dude is beyond dope! The "shindig" had me rollin! Like Chip (@Chip216) said on twitter "SNOW BUNNIES ON DECKKKKKK!" All I gotta say is  NO RHYTHM! Good comedy though! Dope song, one of my favs of the mixtape! Dopeshit Chip! Enjoy people!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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