From the Westside, With Love.

Shh, I know I was with this one. I was late downloading and now I'm late posting it. And I absolutely adore Dom Kennedy so, it's not happening ever again! I've been listening to this for like two/three days now-loving it! Dom has like the dopest mixtapes I swear!I have a special place in my heart for West Coast rappers-I just love them. They make me want to move West with just their music alone. But yo, like first song in (In Memory Of) , I was hooked! He did a really good job with this 'tape and I think the name of the 'tape fits perfect with the actually content of it. So rappers just name their mixtapes random shit. Loving the cover too-I'm just loving all of this! Download know and fall in love like me! ENJOY! ...I need a cARTer mixtape now

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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