I Wanna Rock G-Mix.

...Can I just get all these cute little dopeboyz and put them in my pocket and then take them out and make them dance when ever I want? Please Santa? lmao Omg this video is too dope! I Love when like kids rap the song inside of the actual rapper like in the Va$hite x CRS "Us Placers" video (epic shit.).And I was waiting, I was waiting I'm like, "I know these boyz got just skateboard-START JERKIN!" and then they started dancing and shit! Omg I love Snoop for this video! And props to Snoop for still being as relevant today in Hip Hop as he was like 10+ yrs back! I grew up listening to this man. He's a legend in this game. Omg, this is too dope! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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