iRespectYou:Rosta Acosta.

Yo, I don't really know anything about Rosa Acosta. All I know is that she did a photoshoot with ...Shortypop (or Supreme, idk) I think and it was like all over the internet and people were going ape shit over it. Anyways, I just thought she was like some video hoe or something and I really could care less about video hoes. But something told me to watch this interview and I'm glad I did. Rosa Acosta is one of the few real women in this industry. REAL WOMEN! I just did a post on groupies, and gold diggers and how mad I am about all that but watching this makes me have hope that there are still some self respecting women who are in this industry.

And I'm gonna make a point that has always been made to me as a child and even now.I don't want to shit on America and the American upbrining but you can really tell the difference between people who were raised in an American way and people who were raised in another country or in another country/culture's way. There's a lot more appreciation for what you have and you work a lot harder to get what you don't have when raised by parents who may not be from America. I was raised in America but I was not raised in an American way. My partents are from Nigeria, born and raised there.Came to this country on their own-like I could get into the whole story.So watching the part where she was like she wears what she can afford and why buy useless expensive things when she can help her family out, I was like wow. Like it's so rare to see people in this industry, especially women, to say things like that and to have that mindset.And I think that's when I gained so much respect for her.

She is an amazing women and I'm glad she's in a position where she can like communiciate with other women in this industry cause maybe they can learn a thing or two from her. I'm just mind blown. Like I really thought I was gonna press play and see some chick going off at the mouth about fucking rappers and shit *cough*Kat Stacks*cough*. But Rosa Acosta is dope and no I'm not into the kind of "modeling" she does but hey, I ain't have to look at it right? Right. So I'ma let her do her.Cause she's doing good.

And another thing, she could have easily ...EASILY fucked a couple rappers, got a couple of stacks from them, and wear LV and Prada and Gucci-but no. She gonna work hard to get her own money. She's gonna respect herself and not stoop so low to just sleep with random men. OMG! I love this chick! lol Like wow, she's amazing. She is just one kind of the people this industry is truly missing. You go girl!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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