Mr. Treat Ya Nose.

OMG! Saw this over at, I don't even think Bonic saw this yet! This track is FIYAHHHHHHHHHH! Omg! Loving this! It's supposedly an old track of Boo's from way back when, but this shit is crazy ill! He needs to puts this on his next mixtape! Omg, where is my iPod, gotta sync this dopeness to it real quick! lol J'adore Pharrell! P is a fuckin genius and Bonic, I just love the dude! So hearing the both of them on a track-yeaaaa I'm hype as fuck! LIMOS! Enjoy ppl!

...are they sure this is old though? Idk ...dope either way. lol

photo by John Walder

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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