Nicki Minaj & Drake x XXL.

I TOTALLY forgot about this shit! I totally forgot I was mad as fuck about it too. I hope yall know the story behind this shit! If not, I'ma sum it up real quick.

So, XXL did their Freshmen 10 for this right? Right. Everyone thought Nicki was gonna be on it along with other MC's.But she wasn't. Why? Cause her stupid cocky ass DECLINED! YES DECLINED! Whooooooo the fuck are you to DECLINE such a honor? She basically said some shit about her and Drake felt that XXL "missed the mark" by not putting them on the previous Freshmen 10 with the likes of Kid Cudi, B.o.B, and Wale. And I thought that was a perfect list by the way. And then she says that if XXL can do a cover feature for just her and Drake. Like, who died and made you the Queen of England?

I was really trying to hang on to some type of like for this chick but I'm letting go. Nobody is into that cocky shit anymore.Be humble bitch. Be thankful that they even thought of you to even reach out to you for that. You are not Lil Kim.You're not Foxy Brown. Shit, you ain't even Babs Bunny. You're not even Lil Mama's watered down ass! Calm your ass down! You getting a little too excited over some checks and photoshoots. All you have is hype and bunch of little kids as your fans. That's why you call yourself a fuckin Barbie.Little kids fucks with Barbie dolls. You think anyone who's really into hip hop and what hip hop is really all about fucks with you like that? You're not a fucking role model. You're nothing special, you're nothing new. Hip Hop has been there and done with you these materialistic slut female MC's. You are not the hottest female around period! So sit ya ass down somewhere and shut the fuck up! I've lost all respect for her. And XXL are some pussies for actually listening to her dumbass and doing this cover! They should have been like,"Fuck that!" and kept it moving! I feel bad that Drake has to deal with this fake plastic bitch.And I hope he wasn't in the same state of mind as she was when she was addressing all this cause I will lose respect for him too. I can't believe they actually did this! This is bullshit! This industry ...I tell ya.

pussy eating, dick riding muthafuckas.They will do anything for the evils of fame and fortune.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
All I can say is, *sigh*, Thank YOU! lol

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