No Snitchin'.

I read blogs daily, I'm sure you know this, and I tend to see a lot of MC's being posted about and their music up but out of like every 10 posts on a blog, I might actually check out like 6 and hear the music or watch the video. I need to stop that.I need to check out 10 out of every 10 posts I see.I miss dopeshit. It's not good.

This Shawn Chrystopher dude, he's one of the MC's I see a lot of and just never took the time to hear his music.I feel like slapping myself.This dude is dope. Or maybe it's just this song but fuck it I like him! This song is ill. The beat? His flow? Omg, this is crazy ill. I need to goggle him and catch up. And the video is cute! That girl makes me wanna start working out again so I can dip it low and back it up like her! lol But it's simple and straight forward, I like shit like that. But yea, my bad Shawn for not checking you out sooner, you can Chris Brown me whenever we meet. ...PSYCH! Maybe pinch me! lol Enjoy people!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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