The homie, Front Page is coming out with some new dopeness! I've been waiting for this shit, yall do'nt even know!I'm was happy as hell when this came to my inbox! lol In all honesty, I'm not that familiar with the band Beach House, well maybe I am-I don't know, the name sounds familiar.Anywho, this shit is dope as hell! I love the vibe and feel of the track and Front Page complimented it very well. This remix is beautiful in a sense.I highly respect MC's who can be inspired by other songs and production from other music genres and feel moved enough to flow over it.The dopest freestyles and remixes come from inspiration like that.I'm sick of everyone just freestyling over these radio beats.fucking pop shit.-Enjoy this dopeness!

via Twitter:
the Pre- project is dropping on wed March 31st entiteled "The Token: an Overture to I Wish I Was White"

...don't worry.I laughed at the title too! Front Page is a trip! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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