GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!-before I continue, I did know about this single when it first dropped, I've been slippin on the bloggage!But anways-GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy! Boi-1da officially stabbed, raped, shot up, murdered this beat! And then he buried it, unburied it, and killed it again! This beat makes me think of the second coming of something great that left us! JESUS! The production on this track gave me LIFE, HOPE, COURAGE, WISDOM,LOVE,-and a whole lot of things-my bad, my bad.Drake did kill this track too!lol But it's Drake, don't expect anything less! Like I know lyrically, Drake was gonna spit something serious.So when it comes to Drake's music, I tend to worry about the production and if this is any indication of how the production on Thank Me Later will be-I have nothing to worry about. EN-FUCKING-JOY!

damn, I'm like freakin out over here! In a good way people.Don't worry. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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