Relatives Abroad.

So the homie, 100 Akres, who is a very dope producers gave me some dopeness to put on the blog! Thank God he did because this is indeed dopeness!I was two songs in and like "Let me post this real quick!" Like this shit is amazing! I grew up listening to Nas and Bob Marley. Like my sister was a huge Nas fan, she felt like he was one of the few rappers she could actually understand. Then my dad is a huge Bob Marley fan! In the summer when I use to ride around with my dad, he would blast cassette tapes full of Bob Marley tracks. 

So this mash up just gave me LIFE! And brought back beautiful memories! This mash up came out really dope! So if you like some classic Nas tracks and Bob Marley tracks, you need to download this asap! I'ma download it and put it on a CD for both my sister and my dad, it can be their early Christmas gifts! lmao Word to 100 Akres! Amazing work homie!

Favorite tracks of Es:
Life's A Pimp's Paradise
Ether Train
Say Somethin'

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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