Hil x Hendrix Pt.3.

No lie, I was just like rocking out to this. Like head rocking, air guitar blastin-all that! lol Another dope collabo witht he ulimate hippies, Rich Hil and the legendary Jimi Hendrix! Anddddd it's Rich's birthday today! Woot Woot!-damnnnn that means I'ma be 20 too soon-fawwwkkkk! lol Happy bday to the homie! And this pic is so fuckin epic! Listen x download! Limossss!

ALSO! TheGirlTheyCallEs.com x NoLimos.com :Rich Hil-Hippies Most Wanted mixtapes are coming soon!
40 of some of Rich's best tracks and 4 of them are exclusive never-heard-before tracks too! They're done just need to the covers and they will be up for download! Be on the lookout for that!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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