Roger That.

I do this weird thing where I try to avoid listening to YM songs and watching YM videos. Cause like everyone likes them.EVERYONE! And I feel like it can just be all hype sometimes.I try to avoid hype.With that said, I hate to just be in absolute love with YM!It's sickening. lol They are just truly entertaining.They are entertainers and that's why people love them so much.Still 50/50 with Miss Minaj.Tyga is the truth.And Wayne is of course great, but he needs to take his ass to jail already-yall can see me rant about that on twitter.Anywho, I liked this "Roger That" track.Glad the whole YM wasn't on it.That would have been just complete overload ...kinda like Bedrock.=O lol The video was interesting in a dope way. And to be a girl and speak on Nicki's fashion "sense", she is like the Lady Gaga of Hip Hop.Enjoy the video.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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