Shows: Pill & Wiz Khalifa at The Loft. [ATL]

My friends shit on me for not going to more shows. But if you knew my life and my parents, then you would understand. I'm tryna to go to more shows, but it's hard as fuck! And I'm very spoiled show goer.When I go, I will NOT be in the back tryna see what's going on. I better be front and center or backstage. This industry owes me at least that when I go to shows! lol So I'm gonna try to post more events on here, so you guys can go to the shows and check them out on my behalf! lol
March 26, a XXL Freshmen of 2010, Pill will be at the Loft! Don't listen to him much but I like what I've heard from him thus far, will def check him out more! Other performers are:Grip Plyaz, Fiona Simone, Sean Falyon, Stanza, &Fatman.15 bucks, 18+!Go check it outttttttttttttt!!!!!

On April 8th, ANOTHER XXL Freshmen will be at The Loft! One and only Wiz Khalifa who just love right now! Tryna book a certain somebody for this show, hopefully there's still room for performers. Booked performers right now are: Yelawolf, Jasmine Solano, &Blair Maxberry! It should be a really dope show! If anyone has ANY contact info for D.O.S.E Promotions, please hit me up asap on Twitter (@thegirlEs), thanks in advance!

So all you ATLiens, yall got dope shows coming up at the infamous The Loft-go out and support dope talent!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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