SXSW through the eyes of the ILLest!

The homie, Wordspit, sent this over to me. Him and The Source Mag linked up to give us SXSW from an artist's perspective. This video just makes me want to go to SXSW like even more! I'ma start raising money, I need some sponsors. lol Glad they linked up with the homie, he has so much great positive energy! I love like @3:30 mins when he starts freestyling on the street! lol I just love the good vibes that happen at SXSW, there's like so much love there. I wanna experience for myself. I think SXSW is my heaven. lol But ok, watch this and experience SXSW with Wordspit!Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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