x Presents Rich Hil:Hippies Most Wanted Vol.1.

*sings* It's been a longggggggg, a long time coming but I knowwwww, change gon comeeee ...oh yes it will! It's been a lon-FINALLY! The first volume of the highly anticipated collection of Rich Hil tracks that can't be found on any of his mixtapes IS HERE!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT! It's been about time Rich and I put out a project together and I'm happy everyone is so excited about it! So yeah, today is a good day!

Let's make some things clear, this is the first part of a collection of Rich Hil songs that are NOT on any of his mixtapes. You might have some of these songs already, you might not. Also, there are 2 exclusive tracks on here that have never been heard. That's why they're exclusives! lol Lastly, there is a part 2! Might drop it tomorrow, might drop it Thursday or Friday, just be on the lookout for it! Altogether, this will be a 40-track collection! So yea, the holidays came early, enjoy your gifts! 

Shout to to John Walder with the photo and Philip and Joagi with the design! DOPESHIT!

1.My Mind Playing Tricks On Me Freestyle
2.CT Rider Music
3.Coke & Wet ft.Jackie Long
4.If U Ain't Know
5.Ice Cream Remix ft.Boo Bonic
6.We Ain't Got Shit To Do
7.Megustas Marijuana
8.Morphine Freestyle
10.Paranoid Freestyle
11.Burn In My Hell
12.When The Birds Fly
13.Soldiers In The Summer
14.Faded ft.Boo Bonic
15.The Blues ft.Boo Bonic
16.The Reaper
17.I Won't Survive
18.Be There When I Go
19.[Bonus] 1960 Heroin Flow
20.[Bonus] Rebel In Me


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


umm yess this is the Super himslf of the Weird0s...THANK YOU!!!

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