Theory Of Es:"We don't love these hoes!" IS DEAD!

First, let's give honor to whom honor is due. I just had to use a pic of  thee ultimate groupie/hoe/golddigger/idiot, Karrine Stefans! Need I explain more? No.

Secondly, yall know I don't fuck with this celeb gossip type shit too much. Only if it truly affects an artist's career in some way, like the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. But this issue, and yes, it's an issue, has gotten on my lasttttt nerve! I never thought I would have to address this on my blog. Like my blog is so not the type of blog for this mess but HOT DAMN, I need to vent!

Now let's get to the issue at hand. Rappers and groupies/hoes/golddiggers are like fucking peanut butter and jelly in this industry.It's been going on for years and years and has anything positive come from it? NOPE! Not a damnnnnn thing! Just debt, humiliation, children brought into this world under horrible circumstances, and some STD's! Like do people not learn from others' mistakes? Why is this lethal combination happening over and over again? It's sick! Absolute sick and there is a lack of intelligence, common sense, and self respect on both ends. And I hate when people are like,"Well that's just the way it is!" Fuck that! Cause it's like that you gotta be an idiot and just do what everyone else is doing? Like I really don't get it.And I never will, why? CAUSE IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!!!

Let me address each side of this fuckery. Ladies first. Yall nasty. Yall nasty as hell and stupid. You think cause you know how to make a man pull down your skirt and give you a stack out of his pocket that you're smart. WRONG! I say this all the time,"All women think alike but all women do not act alike." Women know how to make people do shit! It's like this little blessing and curse that God gave us. Did you forget about the story of Adam and Eve? Probably, cause I know you hoes ain't reading the Bible! You ...creatures don't even deserve to be called women or females or even humans! Yall no more valuable than some dog shit on the sidewalk. To plan out and to actually act on the plan to sleep with a man just to get some kind of fame and fortune-not even, just to say you fucked him, how low of you? Like how fucked up is your mindset in life to even have those thoughts? When you have no car, no home, no clothes, something that you will always have is self respect. But you hoes ain't even got that! Damn! And you thinking by fucking these male artists that they are gonna really fall in love with you and want to raise a family with your nasty ass. Who wants to marry a hoe who fucked every rapper they know? Like really? Yea, yall stupid. And if anything, this really gets under my skin cause I'm such a music head and music is like my life-please do the real music fans a favor and don't show up to the shows. If you show up to the shows, just wait outside and wait for the show to be over so you can do your bullshit. Do not be up in the crowd being a typical groupie-I will call your ass out! I don't wanna see you on stage with your nasty self, the stage is for the artists-move bitch! Like I don't even want to see you like backstage peeking on stage-I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU!!! Like honestly, a hoe is gonna be a hoe.No matter how much money they got, how much you "clean" them up and try to make them look like a respectful women-sorry bro, she's still a hoe. "Put lipsrick on a pig, it's still a pig"-like they are so many ways we can say this ...smh. Women, I mean creatures-just stop. Get your life together. Have some real concrete goals in life that will actually take you somewhere in life besides the red carpet and the VIP section at the club. ORRRRRR die.

Ok fellas, your turn. Hell yea I'm calling yall out too! Yall the main reason why these hoes are still in business! lol But I actually feel sorry for you. I do =( <--see? It's really sad how you let these hoes get to you and make you do stupid shit, like sleeping with them and giving them money. C'mon homie, like really? You know how many people, GOOD people could use that money for some GOOD. And you're giving it to some ...rat to go buy some LV? Whyyyyyy???? Whyyyy??? And a lot of you rappers have kids. KIDS! Who actually want to be someone in life one day-college tuition gets higher and higher by the semester! By the time your kids want to go to college, it's gonna be like $100,000 per semester! And don't give me that,"Don't worry about them, my kids are set for life." No one is set for life.If people who have been billionaires for the majority of their life can commit suicide just because they THINK they're gonna lose their money-yea, set for life my ass! And let's talk about how you got these kids in the first place, yea I took it there. I work with kids and I adore them and I hate it when the people in their lives are reckless and fuck them over. It pisses me the fuck off! It's simple people, don't want kids-DON'T HAVE THEM! Yea, I know shit happens.But shit only truly happens cause you let it. Prevention is better than cure muthafuckas. That's all I'm saying. Male artists, I love yall so much but I will never understand how you be like "We don't love these hoes!" and "Fuck a groupie!" yet still fuck them day in and day out! You obviously care enough to fuck them.And then pay them.Which is something I will never understand as well. These whole groupie/hoes/gold digger epidemic-I just don't understand why it's still happening and-it's like a booming business! Hoes fucking famous men to get into this industry! "Fuck your way in"? Whyyyy???? It's horrible! I feel like when people enter this industry, the concepts of hard work, networking-not fucking everyone you see, but truly networking and making business connections-it's gone. The concepts of self respect, self love, true intelligence-it vanishes. And I refuse to let the industry do it to me. I don't care how skinny I get, how big my butt gets-I will never, ever sleep with anyone to get ahead.NEVER! You will never see the name Es and random rapper dude's name in the same headline talking about any kind of groupie shit.

Really, I did this post for more ...educational purposes. I feel like I know this industry pretty well, but the whole groupie/hoe shit-I never understood it. I really want a groupie to explain this to me and a rapper to explain this to me. Then after hearing what both have to say, I'll figure it out on my own. And I know this post might seem like I'm judging people-shit, we all judge. And no, it's not right. Not at all and I really try not to do it, but it's hard to not form some kind of opinion about people who do evil and stupid things.Es is only human yall.*KanYe shrugs* But please, if you are a groupie or rapper who feels like I got this all wrong-please enlighten me. And you can always comment anonymously-do you.I just want to hear your point of view on this issue or whatever you want to call it. And don't come at me side ways with a whole bunch of hate. I'm not jealous of anyone, I'm no groupie, blah blah blah, I already know how some people are gonna react.But let's act like adults and have a discussion.Okay? Okay. Thank you for reading and comment if you like! =D

One of my favorite bloggers on this internet shit, Kid Fury, took the time out to really address this recent Kat Stacks situation. I'm honestly disgusted with her and all of her being, so I'm not even gonna get into that. But this is just one out of the millions of creatures flooding this industry. Hoes are like roaches! But I was completely mind blown after watching Stacks's video and it's one of the main things that made me write this post. Ok, enjoy! I'm gonna throw up now. These hoes make me sick! Literally!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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