I'm really having one of those "FUCK YEAAAAA" nights right now! Got a lot of good news today, did a lot of dope things with dope people. Today was good. Then I come home and see all this dopeness from La Familia Limosa Nostra on my computer screen and my day becomes 10x better! Like I'm freakin out over here! Having an overdose of dopeness! lol So Limos is still killing it at SXSW (I should have been there! -_-) show after show! Latest show they did was The Smokers Lounge Show, of course Rich just had to perform at that one! lol Duhhhhh! And we have video of that performance! Also pics of Limos time in SXSW and a new music video from the hippie-music video you ask? FUCK YEA A MUSIC VIDEO! Enjoy people!

Bonic, next time I see you, I'ma gonna steal ya glasses ...and your Limos chain-consider yourself warned. lmao! Bonic Too Fly! That's what I'ma call him from now on! lol
Bonic, Rich, and bossman Sick!

smh.lmao! So silly...
For more, check out!!!!! Posting the music video next!

p.s. I easily could have called this a " Roundup" but I am just to hype. I had to put that title. lmao


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