Til Friends Do Us Part.

A very good friend of mine, Justin Poage, is working on a really cool project called Til Friends Do Us Part! FYI, JP is like one of the funniest people I've ever encountered. And one of the smartest too.To say he's witty would be an understatement. Like, just know that this dude is a trip-his jokes completely shit on my jokes-but we will not even get into all of that.Before I embarrass myself. lmao

So I'ma shut up and basically let him explain this to you:
I fell in love with a girl once, and within a short period of time I decided I was going to marry her. I asked her, and she said yes. Our parents were excited, and we knew this was the best decision either of us had ever made. But our friends thought otherwise. Slowly they began to try and pick us apart to try and split us up because they didn't think it was "best" for us to make such a huge step so soon.

After realizing what was happening, I decided that this story would make for a great comedic romance. So "Til Friends Do Us Part" was born. A comedy about the other thing that destroys marriages, friends.

We are still engaged and are getting married next year if you were wondering.

My plans for the funding are to basically get the movie shot and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, among others. The funding would cover all shooting expenses, talent, editing, and packaging. After that my hope is to have the film picked up by a major studio.

Wouldn't it be great if you were apart of that experience?

YES IT WOULD! I really want to see some of JP's work and if I had like a milli to give to him, I would BUT we all know that this dopegirl needs some sponsors herself! lol But please support Mr.Poage! All you rich ass rappers who read my blog and girl with bad shopping habits, invest your money into something dope and creative! For more info, click HERE!

p.s. JP, you still owe me some  'production' ...just a reminder! lmao

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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