Who's World Is This.

...I'm not even gonna do it. No ...no no no...don't do it Es ...don't do it! ...I LOVE J.COLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-damn, I did it. I really tried not to you guys! lol But this dude is beyond dope! His music does something to me.It really does. If J.Cole ain't real, then I don't know who or what is! Loving this track! It's off the XXL Freshmen 10 for '10 mixtapeby DJ Whoo Kid, which I did not download.I'm still trying to decide if it will be worth since I barely agreed withthe picks for the 10 spots anyways, then that cover, now I gotta download the-I don't know. We'll see. But this track is amazing! Love it when he does his little singing thing-ENJOY! suckassssssss!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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