XXL's Freshmen 10 cover.

I know yall were waiting for me to say something about this.I've talked about how I loved the freestyle videos ...like how they were done, on twitter and stuff.And now this cover.Where on God's green Earth do I begin when it comes to this cover.

First thought, why is Nipsey Hussle shirt so bright compared to everyone else's outfit? Like he's standing out while he's sitting.Foreshadowing? Is XXL tryna subliminally say something? lol

I think my main concerns with this cover is the styling of the MC's and the positions of the MC's.Whoever were their stylists this year-don't use them again.And the styling of J.Cole annoys me the most.I don't feel like it's very J.Cole,I mean, to me, he doesn't look like himself.I barely recognized him for a second.I took me a good 8 secs to find him on this cover.And I love J.Cole! That's a long fucking time! lol I bring up the styling because last year, each MC was styled very well to represent them.This looks like some boy band styling.On the positioning of the MC's, I understand when taking a photo of a group of people, you need levels.But two sitting in director chairs, and Big Sean like climbed up on something and everyone else standing-fail.It looks weird.It makes Nipsey and Jay Rock look like they are kings of some kingdom and the rest are their servants.And Big Sean looks like the 11th Freshman, even though there is only 10 of them on the cover.And speaking of Big Sean, dude is like one of the more "stylish" MC's in this bunch-we can barely see what he is wearing!

My verdict on this cover-fail. *shrugs*

...you got some smiling, some with mean mugs. Some with their hands up all excited, others looking like they about to fall asleep. ...smh.

Last year's covers > this year's cover.

Freshmen 09 LIST > Freshmen 2010 list. And there are some MC's in this year's list who I adore but man Freshmen 09 was just-LIFE! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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