All I Do Is Win. Everytime you listen to a Khaled record, it's like an event. You kinda just have to stay still and enjoy, cause there's so much going on! lol I'm just gonna go person by person on this.Whoa!

DJ Khaled-Khaled, I love you-why are you rapping? DJ is in front of your name, no rapping! Just hype and scream. Do what you do best, we like it. =D

T-Pain-Forever killing it! Nothing less than dope! NAPPY BOYYYYY!

Swizz Beatz-All I heard was "SHOWTIME!". Did he rap on this? I'm confused.
Rick Ross-Love Ross, but I already forgot his part. damn.

Busta Rhymes-FUCK YES! I'm a hugeeeeeee Busta fan! Like since I was little people! He did his thang on this! Of course he did! lol

Diddy-I always find Diddy's rapping funny. I don't know if I'm laughing at him or with him. Or both. Either way, I enjoy it! lol

Nicki Minaj-This chick. Girl, if you did more of this kind of rapping, people would actually like you and respect your shit. When you make weird faces and start screaming-we run away. If she did more of rapping like how she did on this track and wasn't so cocky, I would still be a Nicki Minaj fan.

Fabolous-Gotta love Fab! dopeshit!

Jadakiss-Gotta love Jadakiss! dopeshit! lol

Fat Joe-Am I the only one who like missed Fat Joe? I love Fat Joe! Maybe cause I've been listening to him my whole life, I just love the dude! Nice to have him on the track!

Overall, I don't know if I would say epic, but this was kinda dope. It's weird that I'm saying this but I was kinda hoping for Weezy to be on the track. Omg, do I miss him? No No No! lol Or T.I. and Luda. That would have been ill!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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