Bet I.

This was probably one of my favorite tracks off of his mixtape, May 25th. I like B.o.B on his ...B.o.B shit. Like that Haterz Everywhere We Go shit. I live in Atlanta, after a while, you're forced to like the music somehwhat. But I love B.o.B abnd Bobby Ray! And I also love Playboy Tre! He's like a ball of energy even though in this vid he looked a bit nervous =/. This video is like the more Hip Hop version of the Nothing On You video but I love it! Word to those dancers, they was getting busy. I've watched some videos lately and the dancers are just blahhhhhh. But being a dancer myself, those girls did their thing. I need to go to the gym and dance again. lol Overall, dopeshit! I didn't even think they would do a video for this!

oh and T.I.? all I gotta say is ..THE KING IS BACKKKKK!!!!!! fuck yes!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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