Beyonce does "Forever Young" with Hubby Jay-Z.

The Carters performed at Coachella and did Forever Young off of BP3. Yea, no Mr.Hudson this time. Loved Beyonce singing this  song. Almost makes me want to say I would have preferred her on the track rather than Mr,Hud-but I'm not gonna say it. lol Only thing that disturbed me during this performance was the lack of affection on stage. For the longest they were like miles apart!I know they have their little "business is business, home is home" thing going on but that's ya wife on stage! that's ya husband-like damn! This does not help the whole"their marriage is a business deal" thing everyone says.And then she just walked off stage like she was some new young Roc Nation signee! Wow. That was ...that was off, I'm sorry. Enjoy?!

SING! -Hov
I thought that was funny. hehe.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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