This video...whoa. Let me talk about the song first. I've been listening to Kala (M.I.A. latest album) recently and love it! That album is the shit! Then  I heard about a June or July album release for her next album and I'm like "word?!" And I see this new song, Born Free. Honestly, the song was... iight. Nothing too special to me but she is obviously tryna send out a message with the record. Then I hear about the video ...whoa. This video is.. wow. It scared me at first cause it's so extreme but then I watched it again and tried to look at it from a artistic point of view and this video is dope as fuck! It was so well shoot and everything. I don't wanna get into the storyline of the video cause i don't wanna spoil but it's def a music video that people will remember. Amazing!

...the video made the song. I think I like the song more now. This album better be dope as hell!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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