Charles Hamilton x Honey Mag.

I just love Charles Hamilton. Like for a minute ...for a very hot minute, he was getting on my nerves. He was acting reckless and I was getting pissed off with him cause I knew that he knew he could do better. At a point it was getting too much about proving himself and addressing the hate and not paying attention to the music and love. It's obivous that he has done a complete 180 and is really getting in touch with his purpose. So I love this guy.His music is amazing, I always loved his sound. People with close minds can't get with it, that's ok. He makes some of the best Hip Hop I've ever heard. Listening to him reminds me of the College Dropout KanYe. Just like Ye, he's bringing something new and true to the game. No one really has beats like Charles. No one can really come up with the things that he does.

He is honestly one of my favorite MC's ever. I have so much respect for him and despite all that has happened so far in his career, I see a bright future for him in Hip Hop. People just need to stop focusing on all the other bullshit like the hype, politics and shit and focus on the music. Once people start to do that, they will understand why I love him so much and love him too. And when he was describing his sound-that description was so on point! lol That's exactly how it is! lol

People, I'm telling you, go back and listen to every Charles Hamilton track you can get your hands on and just listen. Just shut up, erase everything you ever thoguht of him and listen. Thank me later. no Drizzy. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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