Choices [A Wave For Alex].

This song is amazing! Word to C.Ham for doing this song for Alex Capozza and his family. Alex was killed in a tragic car accident last year. He was a high school senior and avid surfer. This is such a beautiful song. It's kinda eery I'm hearing about this song cause I just found out someone I went to high school died in a car accident like two days ago. I never understand the death of a young person and never will. It's not suppose to happen. But on a musical note, this song makes me want to go and download all of C.Ham's 'tapes that I don't already have. I don't care how weird or crazy people think he is, he is an amazing artist. And I personally feel like he's one of the dopest MC's to enter the game.You can quote me on that. Amazing work Hamilton. Enjoy people.

RIP Alex Capozza. RIP Anthony Moss.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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