Drake ...no.

*sighs* Drake. ...Drizzy Drake Rogers. ...Young Angel. ...Heartbreak Drake. ...WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS^! smh. Kissing fans on stage? I mean damn, at least take her to the tour bus! Wow. And how uncomfortable was it as another female fan to watch that? You were either like "I hate that bitch!" or "C'mon Drake! What is this? Just sing the damn song!". I would have probably been female fan #2. lol I mean artists pull fans on stage all the time and grind on them, sing them songs, but Drake doesn't seem like the kind of artist to do that and he doesn't need to do that... It all just look staged as fuck and uncomfortable. And then he was talking too much, imagine tryna sleep with-whoa, I'm not gonna take it there but you know what I mean! I just think Drake needs someone like Laurie Ann Gibson to help him with stage presence and shit. BOOM-KAT! lmao

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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