Es is not impressed.

Hip Hop and music in general is making Es sad now a days. But especially Hip Hop. And especially mixtapes. I remember downloading a mixtape and after the first listen, falling in love with it. But now a days, I have to listen to a mixtape like 10 times before I even LIKE it let alone love it. And 'tapes are dropping from some MC's I'm really liking now. The latest mixtape I really liked was Curren$y's Smokee Robinson. The latest mixtape I absolutely loved and was on repeat for the longest was Chip Tha Ripper's The Cleveland Show.I'm a mixtape junkie, I would be so excited for a new 'tape to drop. But lately, I could care less. These mixtapes are not impressive at all. Out of the 20 or so songs on a mixtape now, I might like 3. That's sad. I know mixtapes that I might not like 1 or 2 songs. And that would be just cause the other songs are just that fucking dope. I feel like mixtapes are being rushed and are now just used for promo and not to put quality music out. People just getting beats and spit something slick, do that for 18 or more tracks, zip it up in a zip file, upload to the web and bloggers-you know the process. I need artists to treat mixtapes like albums like they use too. I need more "So Far Gone"'s out now. I'm getting hella bored and all this bullshit 'tapes are taking up space in my computer. And the whole reason why I like mixtapes is because artists have more freedom to do them. Any rapper, name one, I bet he/she has a mixtape that's hotter than any of his albums or albums he's/she's working on.

I don't care about HOW much music you put out there if it's not quality and frankly, I'm not the only person who feels this way. I'm just one of the few who will say it. I'm not hating on any of the recent 'tapes that has dropped, I'm just saying they can be wayyyy better. I feel like MC's for some random reason feel attacked lately so they are doing everything they can to "prove" themselves. Leaking mutliple songs, dropping mixtapes quickly-don't worry about the "hate". And like I said to a homegirl of mine who is also an MC herself, not every negative comment comes from a place of hate. I just want all these MC's to do better cause I know they can. I don't just want music, I want good music. It's like ....rappers giving us crack when we deserve cocaine. Don't ask me whyyyy I used that reference but you know what I mean. Like if I'm gonna pay attention and listen to your shit, it better be dope as fuck. It better get me high. I'm feeling like I'm gonna have a summer like I did in '06. No Hip Hop. I listened to rock music straight! For the whole summer. If rappers don't start putting real, raw, dope music out's about to be 06 with me. Yup ...back to the Paramore and Mute Math and all those dope bands. Like yall know me by now, I'm allergic to dumb shit. I like quality over quantity. Fuck hype, fuck labels, fuck haters-ignore the haters. Focus on your craft and do what you do best how you do it best and do it for the people.

Es wants to be impressed. Es wants to be excited about Hip Hop again.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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