FUCK YEA JANELLE MONAE!!!!! I freakin love this women! I really thought she disappeared to space for a second. But she's back!!!! I'm glad she's not so much under the only Bad Boy thing. She needs to keep her butt with Purple Ribbon All Stars! But I love her! I talked to her before! She's so freakin inspirational! Loving this video and no, Es will not even attempt to do the "Tightrope". Before I twist my ankle and fall on my ass! But this video is dope! Loving ittttt! And I just love her guitarist and drummer-I saw her live and it was just the three of them on stage but there was so much energy! Omg, she's like the dopest performer ever too! This song is dope too! Yup ...she's back! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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