G shit.

Honestly, I really have to give it up to Chris Brown. I'm sorry all you Chris Brown haters (who all themselves women beater haters.smh), he's doing his thing. Maybe it's cause I've been a CB fan for the longest and just in general a Hip Hop head-dude is killing it now. This is whole Tyga x CB shit is really fuckin' dope. I gotta hand it to them. It seems like her is getting more away from the sugar coated, watered mainstream side of this industry and and getting in touch with the underground, which is doing a lot better than the mainstream anyways! At least when it comes to Hip Hop. Tyga has always been dope, that's a no brainer. But CB on his rapping shit ...he's kinda dope! Only thing that kinda gets to me is that he sounds like he's yelling when he raps. o_O Also, maybe cause I listen to too much Hip Hop (lol @ too much), I can predict some of his lines. Like he starts off the line, then I can finish it-no bueno. But maybe it's just me. Besides that, he's very ill with the flow. I just gotta give him props for the fact that he's still going and doing what he feels. He can "act" and do what society thinks he should be doing but he's like "fuck that! I'ma do me" and I can only NJ fist pump to that.

and him singing on this ...damn I love his voice. Where's that mixtape he dropped a while back? Gotta download it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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