Holla At Me.

Word to ya mother!!!!!! CB is crazy ill with the flowwwww! Awwww shitttttt! The homie went IN on this track. damn damn DAMN! This is dope! CB always gotta get some dancing in there some how! lmao And of course, Tyga being the beats that he is killed it! Wow, I want a mixtape from these two! How dope would that be? IT'S MY IDEA FIRST! I'M HOSTING THAT SHIT! lmao jk jk but that would be dope ...CB x Tyga mixtape hosted by The Girl Es-I can see it now! I always liked CB rapping but he has def imporved! GET'EMMMMM!!!!!

Rapping Chris Brown > Rapping Trey Songz. *kanye shrug* hehe.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
you really think its a good idea with him to be testing his fans with him rapping, i feel bad for the guy. i dont want him broke, however this may be good to get away from the love shit it could be a whole new market cause who the fuck beleives anything about love out of his mouth any more
Es said…
you have a point. but really, i just like the song and him rapping. i wasn't really thinking too deep into it.i've been supporting him as an ARTIST since '05, so i will always have love for him and his music. but you do have a point.

but him rapping, i don't think he's "testing" his fans. he has rapped before, like wayyy back when. i just think he wants to have fun honestly.

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