KanYe West Foundation Show 2010.

I had random thought this morning on how no matter how much you hate KanYe, he has definitely impacted pop culture and ...we need him. Like it's undeniable! Imagine if KanYe stopped making music and stopped doing everything entertainment wise-like, omg I don't even want to think about it. Maybe it's just me. Maybe cause I feel like when I had nothing and no one understood me and I didn't have a voice, KanYe and his music was there for me. Maybe it's a personal thing, I don't know. But motivating students to stay in school and keep their grades by holding a free concert for them, like that's amazing! Imagine if he did that all over the country and with other artists! The high school dropout rate would go down, we would have more graduates, higher test scores. I don't think people realize how important pop culture and especially music is and how, if in a correct manner, can be a powerful weapon to solve issues and problems. Wow I just respect and love KanYe so much. He's amazing.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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