Miss Me.

Oh, I see Drake. SO I go to NYC for one day and you drop this epic shit and can't even find out about it til I'm all the way back in GA? C'mon Drake, how you gonna do Es like that man?! We go wayyy ba-this is dope. The whole Nicki Minaj part through me off! But besides that-this is fuckin dope! Supposedly gonna be on Thank Me Later-this album is gonna be crazy! I kinda don't wanna hear any more tracks from it cause the more leaks we hear, it just downgrades the album. So no more leaks! Don't kill the joy! lol But damn Drake ...you ill homie. Enjoy people!

...listening to this kinda makes me wish he didn't sign with YM and made his ATF shit like official and became a movement on his own. Like not on the YM train.I don't know why all of a sudden I feel this way and it's kinda making me sad. lol I just want to Drake to stand on his own but knowing this industry, he will soon. i.e.KanYe with Rocafella heavy, now KanYe is pretty much on his own. In due time Drake, make that ATF shit official!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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