Put Me on It: Industry Insiders @ SXSW.

via Put Me On First:
Whilst I was at SXSW last month, a big music conference/ festival in Texas (which is a bit of a sausage fest), I met these amazing entrepreneurial women who seemed to be running the best showcases & companies, talking to and interviewing everyone, taking amazing photos and generally doing their thing. In the middle of all of that I somehow managed to grab a minute with each of them (literally all they had time for), to find out more.

I know that a lot of the people who read PMOI are artists, so the Industry Insiders series will be a way of highlighting talented individuals working behind the scenes in music you might not otherwise get to find out about and should definitely be connecting with.

Thank you so much to Alice Wonderland (Homebase NYC), Boyuan Gao (Beyond Race), Maiya Norton (Blind I For The Kids),  Michelle McDevitt (Audible Treats), Seher Sikandar (Rehes Creative), and Fadia Kader for being so lovely and inspirational.

So basically-Es is inspired and motivated. I will be one of them next here at SXSW. I will rob a bank to go to SXSW! Try me! lol But each of these women inspired me and I respect so much! Word to boss ladt Fadia! She's amazing!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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