Review: Rich Hil - Limosa Nostra Act.1.

It's here! Dropped last night! I listened to it three times in a row and had three different reactions. Let's just say the third time is a charm! Limosa Nostra:The Prelude is one of my favorite mixtapes from Rich (along with Lost Limos 2) and I've been waiting for this tape very impatiently. lol First off, before I get into the mixtape it's self, look at the dope ass, epic as fuck cover art! Like as soon as I saw it, I posted it on my tumblr! That shit is hard as fuck! We need to make that into posters, cause I want this on my wall NOW! Props to whoever did that! That's amazing! 

Ok, now to the mixtape. I was really worried about this tape. Yall know I'm in this panic state of mind when it comes to mixtapes. Everytime I hear one is about to drop and close my eyes tight and fold my hands together and beg to God it's dope! Yea, it's that bad people. But knowing that Rich is one of my favorite artists that I have ever encountered, I just stopped, downloaded and listened ...three times a row ..kinda. Why did it take me three listens? I'm gonna keep it 110% with you guys. First I was like "This shit..." and my face was like this -_-. Second time, I got more into it but I couldn't feel it. I wanted to feel it in my bones like how I do every time I listen to the Prelude. And then I stopped listening to it. Took a break, cleared my mind and erased all exceptions and just listened. And I felt it. I felt it in my bones! Like I don't have to smoke weed cause his music is like a drug to me. And it's problem if I listen to some Rich Hil and don't feel high. But listening to this... I was high. I was floating. The blend of dark and "go hard" songs like Bad and light and high, songs, like The Most Beautiful Song, is well done and amazing. Rich is really taking us through a journey and so far the ride is amazing. You are really put in another world and another time while listening to Limosa Nostra. It is truly incredible the imagery and vibes Rich can create and he does it so naturally! That's why I have a never ending respect for Rich and his music ...when I get "high" off it. Like after listening to this, I just wanna keep going on the journey. I wanna keep reading the story! This is amazing work. Like when he drops all the acts of Limosa Nostra, someone needs to make it a movie. Real talk. This shit is epic.

On another note, for those who are new to Rich Hil and his music and Limos and might not understand why so many people actually love, let alone like the music, I just want to let you know, it's going to be okay. I see a lot of people getting all ...heated in a sense over why Limos is seeing success a sense. Like the fact of who Rich's father is and him having multiple songs with Kid Cudi and whether he paid Cudi or not (smh)-all in all, it really doesn't matter. At the end of the day, the music matters. Rich can be an alien and make the music he is making, is it really that much of an issue that he's an alien? No. I always though Michael Jackson wasn't human ...maybe it was the Thiller video. Anyways, for someone to try to bring up invalid points and hate on his music is just a waste of energy and time. I say invalid because a lot of people bring up these "facts" up and don't know what the fuck they are talking about. It's like they are lying without even knowing they're lying. Do your research. And I say hate because there's a difference between hate and criticism. I criticize music. I don't hate on it.I look at the different aspects of it and base my opinion off of those aspects. Just saying you hate or dislike someone's music and don't have any valid reason why, at that point just shut the fuck up. And I'm trying to be nice about this but the ignorance displayed by these "haters" is remarkable. Like I've seen people hate on artists for the longest. I do promotions and marketing and blogging and I pretty much see everything. But Rich Hil haters are like ...whoa. Like my sister would say, "Stupid upon stupid." lol So, this is gonna be my only time addressing the hate on my blog about any artist I'm down with or a fan of. If I'm asked about it again, I'll just refer people to this post. Case Closed.

So people, download this amazing piece of musical work and join the hippies on this journey. Don't worry, there will be plenty of weed and 2 liter bottles of soda. And I'll make everyone ganja cupcakes ...for those munchies. Lmao EN-FUCKING-JOY! 

La Familia Limosa Nostra til the death of me.

[bolded favorite tracks of mine]
01. Right Or Wrong ft. Tatu
02. The Most Beautiful Song
03. Hollywood Freestyle Ft. Boo Bonic
04. I Can’t Stay Longer
05. Pushing Colors (prod. by Delivery Boy) Ft. Nero
06. Let Me Breathe
07. When Im Crazy
08. Bad Ft Travie McCoy
09. Love Like Mine (prod. by avenue) w/ Boo Bonic
10. Midnight Request Line Ft. Less
11. Low and Behold
12. The Front Or The Weed
13. Maybe All Our Lows Are High
HOLD THE FUCK UP!  SHOUT OUT TO THE NEWEST MEMBER OF LIMOS, LESS! Less is on Midnight Request Line on this tape. I knew Less was dope for the longest. Ask him yourself. lol And I've been waiting for a song with both him and Rich but even better, he's now in Limos and I'm just so happy and excited for him. He is extremely talented. He's fucking amazing. I can't wait for his mixtape to drop, I already know it's gonna be CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY ILLLLLLLLLLL!!! So congrats to Less-Welcome to the Limo Life!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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