Time to get Obsessed...

I know yall like "Awwww shit! What is this now Es???!!!" -It's amazing! Just shh and listen! or read ...you know! So my new found business partner, B.Moor and I felt like we had the amazing skills, knowledge, and over dopeness to start something epic. We felt a lack in different blogs, magazines, and other media sources and when I say lack-I say lack in quality and ...DOPENESS! Yall know from reading my blog-I gets busy with the blogging! Like Es gets down! And if I had my own laptop, I would really get down! Shitttttt *in Kid Cudi voice* ASK ABOUT MEEEEEE!!!! lol But this is not a blog-at all. It's a whole fucking movement! We have so much we're gonna do, it's gonna be crazy! Like this is some official shit you guys. If you love me and what I'm about, I suggest you get down with Culture Obsessed! Again, we just started BUT we're already about to run this! So please please PLEASEEEEEEE check out Culture Obsessed and join the movement! I loveeee youuuuu! And thank me later. lol POW!

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and for those who are concerned on whether I will still be blogging on this blog-I will BUT it's gonna be a different kind of blogging. The kind of blogging I do on here I will be doing on CO, such reviews, general music stuff-I'll do it on there. The kind of blogging I will do on here will deal more with my career and my "journey into the Industry" that I always talk about. It's still about music and all that good stuff byt mainly about Es and the dope things she is doing! And it's not gonna be boring-trust! Yall will still love it! I promise! =D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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