Wiz Khalifa x Yelawolf x Pill +others at the Loft [ATL]

Deal Or No Deal Tour from Benjamin Styles on Vimeo.

...Es should have been there. And I really wanted to go! FAWWWWKKKKK! I really would have gone for just Wiz and Pill. I hear of Yelawolf A LOT but never got around to listening to him. Seems like he gets them hoes loose! lol Like omg, I would have been so uncomfortable having see that on stage. lol Like that's so Uncle Luke in the 90's type shit. lol Seemed like a great show. I'm even more mad I wasn't there cause WALE was there. FAWWWWWKKKKKKK! Ugh, next time, next time. lol Word to Ben Styles & Fli Pelican.Enjoy!

...the sound quality ...omg my ears. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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