50, you doing the most.

I literally jumped when I first saw an image of 50 Cent now a days. What-the-fuck? Apparently he is producing or directing (idk) and acting in a movie inspired by the life of his friend Paul(?) who passed away from cancer. So 50 Cent felt like he was a good enough actor to portray his friend in this film. How much money yall wanna bet that his friend is rolling in his grave right now?

This is ridiculous. It's scary to look at this image over and over again. Like I know people lose and gain weight for movies all the time and yes, some get really skinny and look very different as a result but THIS. This is sooooo unnecessary! There are plenty of people in the movie industry he could have gotten to portray his friend in this movie. I personally think he didn't look for another actor because if he played it, that's more money for him. Plus, if he actually does a good job, all the movie critics will be on him and he might win some awards, and blah blah. But the only other film 50 really had a big role in was the one about his own life! And that shit was wack! I really don't know what made him do this. This is crazy. I would love to lose 50+ lbs and then act in a movie and all this good stuff but if I ended up looking like THIS, give me 5 boxes of Krispy Kremes asap and cast me for Precious 2.

50, you done really fucked up now. Don't be surprised when you only make 50 cents literally off this film. To his friend, rest in peace and I'm sorry your friend thought he had to do all of this just to tell your story.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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