Like really?

The things you find on tumblr.

I'm all for gay rights and marriage all that stuff. I have no problem with homosexuals cause at the end of the day, who you sleep with and fall in love with is no one's damn business.

BUT I do hate when people take certain things out of the Bible and twist it to justify what they say, think, and believe. I'm pretty sure when the word "gay" is used in the Bible, they mean "happy", not homosexual. So this pic kinda irritates. Well it irritated me enough to post it on my mainly music blog.

I suggest gay people stop comparing their struggle for equal rights to the struggle that women and African Americans had to go through. Also, not to use snippets out of the Bible because the KKK did the same thing. Just fight for what's right in you own gay way. And I mean gay as in happy.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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