"No Shade round this mahfuqa"

Es is disappointed. Es is sad. Es is confused. Es feels unloved. Es lacks emails of dopeshit in her inbox. 

Yall should know by now I'm trying to put together a summer mixtape for the people!!! I got like 8 songs that will more than likely be on the mixtape. All from artists who just randomly heard about the opportunity and seized the moment! I got like 3 plus tracks from one artist! "C'mon Son!" lol I know some of yall are in the studio cooking up some hot shit for me-I REALLY appreciate it! From the bottom of my heart I do! That's just very dope of yall!

But the rest of you, yall making Es upset! =( All I need is some dope summer music for the people! Not only is this a great opportunity to gain more believers (cause we ain't fucking fans around this bitch! we believe in the artists we listen to) and put your name out there-I'm doing this for yall too! The track can be already done! It has to be never released or on a mixtape of yours! EXCLUSIVE TRACKS!!! Tryna have some of my favorite MC's on this tape! Yall want Es to cry this summer? lol

ok, time for FAQ's!
What's the name of the mixtape?
No Shade! presented by TheGirlTheyCallEs.com x CultureObsessed.com! Word to Rahk for the name!!! WOOT WOOT!

When is the mixtape dropping?
There is no exact date yet BUT we are trying to drop at least one volume of it before the end of May. And yes, if we get enough tracks, we're dropping two volumes this summer. POW!

Where can I send tracks?
Send all tracks to es@thegirltheycalles.com!!! All tracks will be reviewed and chosen by yours truly!

How will I know my track is chosen?
...When the 'tape drops! lol

Can only rappers submit tracks?
Fuck no! Anyone from any genre can send me tracks! I just need some SUMMER music! Music for the people to rock to all summer long! Hype and fun or smooth and laid back-yall know what I'm talking about! But singers, bands, any kind of artists can send me tracks!

How many tracks can I send?
As many as you want! But I will say, because I want variety on these tapes, I may pick the one I like the most from your track submissions! If you send 4 songs, I will choose one for the first volume (if it's dope of course) and then choose another one for the second volume. Feel me?

Why are you doing this?
Cause I'm Es. And the dopekidz need this shit. I look out for all the dope, amazing artists that rock with me. Again, cause I'm Es. =P

If you have any more questions, hit me up on Twitter (@thegirlEs) or at my email (es@thegirltheycalles.com)
Don't miss out on this opportunity! Got a lot of very dope artists about to be on this mixtape! It's gonna be epic as hell ppl! GET READY!!!!! POW!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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