Review: Rob Roy-"King Warrior Magician Lover".

First off, I would like to blame my girlies Vanessa and Phlo for not informing me of this amazing artist and keeping all knowledge of his dopeness to themselves. I'ma get yall! =P

Ok, so I actually heard of Rob Roy before. Cause of my internship, I work with FKi and their mixtape Blue Steel 2.0 featured a remix of Fur In My Cap by Rob Roy. Loved the song but just never really went into looking up Rob Roy himself. BIG MISTAKE! So I started to hear of Rob Roy again and I saw the video for Fur In My Cap on tumblr and I'm like "Soooooo THIS is Rob Roy?" Totally did not look like how I imagined him, but I like that! I was hearing his name again cause his dropped a mixtape! So I'm like, "Ok, let me download this ...better be dope." Yall know, Es is a bit iffy with mixtapes now a days. So downloaded it and pressed play ...I swear my life changed. THIS GUY IS THE SHIT!!!!!!! Holy shit! I sat still, and listened to the whole mixtape. I was fuckin mind blown! I sat there with my mouth wide open, eyes wide open, -just frozen. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This guy is amazing!!! Why-what-this dude-why is he not big? Why aren't more people on this dude? I don't even know that much about him. He's obviously from the South, I think from GA actually.Correct Es if Es is wrong. All that background information really doesn't even matter cause it's the music that matters and the music is fucking dope. He could be from Mars for all I care, he's amazing!

We could sit here and put him in the singer/rapper box along with Kid Cudi and Drake, but he's nothing like them.  Listening to him reminds me a lot of Outkast. And I'm a HUGE Outkast fan. I don't know if he gets that a lot know, the Outkast thing. And I'm not saying it cause he's from GA but because before I even noticed the Southern twang in his voice, it sounded like Outkast to me but in a very refreshing way. It's like Stankonia with hints of Yhe Love Below but with a some squeezed lemon on top. My descriptions of music tends to throw people off but that's the only way I can describe it right now. lol But you can tell his music is inspired and not influenced by other great artists cause he still very much has his own sound and style. And his voice, omg I love it! It brings me so much joy! A lot of artists and especially rappers are getting heat for their voices lately, but I love Rob's voice. I could listen to him all day ...and I have.

So dopekidz, yall know I only give you the dopest shit I can find. Trust me, download this!!! It's amazing! It's epic! It's DOPE!!!!!  Support dope talent and download! This is an artist you want to keep your eye on. Trust! 
Essi Track Favs
King Warrior Magician Lover
Rollercoaster Baby
Velvet Rope Blue (this is my favorite song out right now period!)

Here is the video for Fur In My Cap! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
He's from Jacksonville, FL!!!
-slick rick

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