This Is Limos.

Ok ok ok people. I've been asked over and over AND OVER again ..."Es why don't you post on Rich Hil anymore?" I don't lie. I don't need to lie. BUT all I'm gonna say is, is that I, Es is in a big ass grey cloud of confusion. Even though I am in the cloud, I am still an avid Rich Hil fan and Limos supporter and that is a fact and it will never change. And that I will hold the hippies down always and forever. So to give all my loyal readers there Limos fix, cause I know yall were feenin like some ATL crackheads at Five Points (hahahaha!), I'm just pretty much post as much content in this one post as I can. Ready? GO!

Limo Leaks!
Rich Hil-Love
Rich Hil- Bad Day
Rich Hil-Start Shit
Rich Hil- Ay Yeah
Rich Hil- Stay A Little Longer
Rich Hil- Our Farewell

Video for Low and Behold from Limosa Nostra Act 1 (with that dope ass

Low and Behold - Rich Hil [Official Video] from RICH HIL on Vimeo.

ANDDDD Rich has a show in NYC!!!! *hears all the NYC hippies go crazy* Yes people, The Famous Factory show is going down May 28th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn! I am in NYC? Yessssss. Am I going? I will tryyyy! lol I need a ticket. lol Show includes Sean Price, Vado and Curren$y!!! Omg I wanna see Curren$y!!! "King King ain't got shit on me"-that's my shit. lol And of course I will go to support my people, Limos! duhhh! So yea, if you are in NYC-make sure ya ass is at that show!!! POW! Shout to Sickamore!

Ok, so I will post all things Limos on here again like I use to. So can yall stop asking me the same question over and over again? lmao jk jk I love yall!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Unknown said…
Hello there, I wonder if you can re-upload a couple of songs from your blog, and maybe some other songs you got on the computer.

I miss a few songs from Ricky in the old days, like:

R Love
Stay a little longer
Beastie Boys Freestyle
Pass the Dutch
Our Farewell
Move Like A Rebel
I Don't wanna feel
This is how it's feel

And I'm sure I missing some more... One more question, have you ever heard about Rich Hil - Limo Tints album back in the 2010 produced by Infamous?

Es said…

Yeah, I don't know if I have any of those songs but I will double check. And I know about Limo Tints but if I'm not mistaken, that project never dropped. But I could be wrong.

I might just put out a big "mixtape" of old loose songs from Rich so every can have it since a lot of the songs are old with outdated links.

Unknown said…
It would be great, I'm so excited haha! When can you imagine adding up the "mixtape"? It's really real what your doing, very nice blog too!

Keep it up :)


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