dopegirlEs TV Epi.3: And Another One...

dopegirlEsTV Epi.3:And Other One... from thegirlEs on Vimeo.

Did this video yesterday! Obviously some things have changed. My hair is now in a ponytail. lol I actually do have a name for the summer mixtape! The homie, Rahk like the genius that he is, thought of it and the summer mixtape will be called No Shade. Volume one will drop soon! In the words of Rahk himself,"nothin but hot shit. No inch safe. No shade round this mahfuqa." YUP, that's what he said!! lol So that's how it is around nigga!!! But yea, enjoy my fuckery! The people wanted another vlog from me and I was in the mood so here you go guys!!!

..i need to get my eyebrows done-don't mind me. and do my nails-excuse me for being a hot, heated mess!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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