Crazy Busy Essi.

I have really enjoyed my stay here in NYC. Got one more day left here and it's gonna be on chill mode, hopefully. I fell in love even more with NYC and I'm planning on coming back to the city next summer, for the whole summer. Met some amazing people, ate some amazing food, saw some amazing places and felt some of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt in a long time. It was a break well needed and deserved but I know what all this "goodness" means. It's a trick! Because as soon I touch down in the ATL again-CHAOS!!!!

I'm gonna be busy, busy, BUSY! And probably in bitch mode till September. School, Culture Obsessed, my summer mixtape (don't even get me started on that), job hunting again (Es is broke.), church stuff, LIFE in general!!! Omggggggg! It's gonna be crazy and of course, I will try to attend more events and do interviews and all that for my 2 loyal blog readers. Who are myself and my sister. Just kidding! I will def do a lot more blogging, more reviews, and Theory of Es posts will be making a comeback since I'm a Libra and Libra are shit talkers. That's what everyone has been telling me lately. Wateva! OH! Also, I'm back and posting on again AND I got the green light to transform Hippies Riding Limos into a street team, so hippies get ready cause Ether will be putting your ass's to work! POW! Knowing how my life is, all this and more people...all this and more!

NYC, so long till next summer! ATL?! WATS HANNIN!!!! Make sure to have some sweet tea ready for me! I miss that stuff!

Shout out to ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL my blog readers! I love you guys soooo much! Thank you for constantly checking out my blog and showing love and support to me-it means the world to me! I DO IT FOR THE DOPEKIDZ!!!! Also, shout out to all the artists and industry heavy hitters who show me love and see my work! I truly appreciate it!

Love, Peace, and Respect!,

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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