Don't Be Surprised When She Asked Where the Cash At?

For those are new to my blog and are like "WTF? I thought she just posted music and ish like other blogs, what is this?" Sorry, I do a lot more. I just started really calling myself a blogger but I don't do this as a career. There are bigger things in store for this dopegirl. So enjoy this post about something else I do besides blog. =D

So today, my mom sat me down to talk about future goals the family wants to accomplish. Future business goals that is. Mom is sick of working for the Man and wants to be her own boss, like the rest of us want to be in this family. She's late on this boss attitude of ours. lol Anyways, I was helping her think of a business she would like to start and things she's passionate about, blah blah blah. We fell on the topic of what I do and why I do it and how I study and research the field I want to later dominant (lol). In the middle of one of my run on sentences, she stops me and is like "Ok, but why are you not getting paid? Why don't you ask for money?" I've been promoting and marketing music artists since I was 14, you know how many times I've been asked this? Too many damn times. And I know some of the people I know now probably wanted to ask me this but for some reason didn't or were just wondering. So that answers the question of why I am blogging about this now. Now to the questions my mom asked.

I told her "People are just really lucky I love to do what I do." People, you really think that if I didn't like to promote and stuff I would even waste my time? Hell to da naw! Like staying up long nights, spending hour after hour posting and connecting with people and everything else I do and hate it? Never that. I just really love telling everyone I possible can about something dope and usually it's music! So if I find out about a really dope artist,  I tell everyone I know! And I especially love new artists because they are really grinding and trying to make it and just trying to be heard. The fact that I can post something on some site and people read it and check it out, even if it's just one other person, makes me so happy! I love to help people, especially talented people who deserve it. This is no candy coated explanation. I know as humans in general, we are greedy and only do something if we are going to benefit from it. As for me though, just seeing an artist be successful and heard and knowing that I had something to do with it is enough for me. Money could never give me that feeling I get when I see something positive happen for an artist and knowing I helped make it happen. I really love music and I love and appreciate the people who make it. Yea, money is nice and you damn right I need it, but it's not everything to me. I know that one day, people will start cutting them checks but whenever that day is, I'll still do what I do and loving every damn moment of it.

If more people in this industry thought this way, maybe this industry wouldn't be such a hot mess. Money is the root of all evil dumbies. Love what you do and if you don't absolutely love it, quit while you're ahead. Thank you to all the artists who ever let me work with them and help them out! You may think I was helping you make your dreams come true and I was (still am) but I'm a little selfish, helping you is making my dreams come true too. =D Thank you and continue to be the amazing talented people I know you to be.

"Oooooo I see. But still?" -mommyEs.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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