Dormtainment me.

When I'm bored, I often tell people to "entertain me" but recently, I've come across probably one of the best things to ever hit the world wide web. Forget entertainment! I want some Dormtainment! It's like a bunch of young dudes in college in the ATL acting a damn fool and bringing joy and light to this sad, sad world. =( I honestly feel like Dormtainment cured my depression. If I ever had any. You know what I mean though! Anyways, these guys-oh ladies, good looking guys! Ok, so yea these guys are hilarious! They got a whole website and everything! So whenever you are feeling down and out, just go to and cheer the fuck up! ...I do it! Here are some videos I feel like need to be on my blog.

Dormtainment Tech

Tay's Hater Services

Elevator Ethics

Leaning Leon Auction tape (one of my favs!)

The oh so famous:The Obama Dance!!!

For more of Dormtainment, check out their website!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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