Drake x DJ Semtex Interview.


Drizzy Drake Rogers, what will this world ever do with you? With your humble soul, artistic mind, and piercing green eyes? It's like the world's 8th wonder that this dude is still who he is in this industry! The music industry- we don't want people like him! Humble, doing it for the people, funny, nice? No, we want money hungry, talentless, ruthless, muthafreakers! Yall know I'm just speaking my native tongue of sarcasm right?

This was a really good interview. Word to Semtex. I swear like every interview I see with Drake, I just love him more and more as an artist and person. He might be like one of those few "celebrities" I met in life and get "starstruck". Like I will just stand there and stare at him...making the moment simply awkward. Him and KanYe... and Hov. lol I just wanna talk to him and see what kind of conversion I would have with him. I'm constantly mind blown by Drake. I know sometimes I completely shit on him on the blog but it's because I don't get him and why he is the way he is. Cause he's amazing. Just wow. But Drake should read my blog though, he would love it! POW!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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