Es Wonders: About Trey Songz at this year's Summer Jam.

  • How old do you have to be to go to Summer Jam?
  • Is there even an age requirement?
  • Why does Trey Songz perform like a rapper?
  • Why can't Trey Songz ever keep a shirt on?
  • Why can't any R&B male artist keep a shirt on?
  • Is that girl on stage, the one he poured water on, is she-wait, why does she have no pants on?
  • Is it just me or did that whole Trigga x Drakkard moment seem mad homo?
  • Why is it that when Drake said "I will fuck the shit out of you!" I thought of rape? =/
  • Were there any dudes in the crowd during Trey's set?
  • If so, how did they feel during this set?
  • Who was Trey having sex with on stage? Casper? yea, the ghost.
  • What drug or alcoholic beverage was Trey consuming before his set?
  • As a legal, straight female, why did I feel like I shouldn't have watched this video?
Just a thought... or two.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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